Annual Tufinnovate Conference to Examine the Intersection Between Cloud and Network Security

Registration Now Open for Regional Virtual Network Security Events Covering AI, Automation, Network Monitoring, Compliance, and More; Series Kicks Off in North America on May 30th

Annual Tufinnovate Conference to Examine the Intersection Between Cloud and Network Security

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Tufin®, the leader in network and cloud security policy automation, today announced the theme and dates for its annual user conference, Tufinnovate. This year’s event will take place virtually, and be held on May 30th for North America, on June 13th for Europe and the Middle East, and on July 24th for the Asia-Pacific region.

The focus of the event will be on the growing complexity of today’s enterprise networks, how the boundaries of network and cloud security have become blurred as a result, and why security teams need unified understanding and control of both in order to properly protect their organizations.

Tufinnovate 2024 will take place across three regional virtual events:

  • North America on May 30, 2024 at 1 PM ET
  • Europe and the Middle East on June 13th at 1 PM GMT
  • Asia-Pacific on July 24th at 11 AM SGT

At Tufinnovate 2024, industry thought leaders and security experts will come together to examine the current state of hybrid cloud/network security, highlighting how automation and artificial intelligence (AI) can help to ease the burdens security professionals face when managing network security policies across on-premise, edge, and cloud environments.

Topics to be covered at the event include:

  1. Where NetSec Meets the Cloud - Explore integration strategies for aligning traditional network security measures with cloud-based architectures to create a unified defense framework.
  2. How AI & Automation Are Securing Distributed Enterprise Networks - Learn how to fortify security within distributed network environments by uncovering the practical applications and benefits of AI-powered automation.
  3. The Power of Combined Network Security and Network Monitoring - Maximize your network’s performance by combining comprehensive security policy management and automation with lightning-fast network monitoring.
  4. Compliance in a Converged World - Stay up to date on best practices for passing audits, collecting evidence, validating policy, and navigating compliance challenges in converged cloud and data center environments.
  5. Converging Data Across Network, IPAM, Cloud, SEIM, and SASE - Uncover strategies for integrating and synthesizing data from various IT domains to enhance security, visibility, and management across hybrid environments.
  6. Vision for the Future: Tufin and AKIPS Product Roadmap - Understand how we’re enhancing our products – both Tufin and AKIPS – to meet your evolving network’s needs over the next few years.

“Tufinnovate has always been an excellent opportunity for enterprise security professionals to connect with, and learn from, peers and industry experts from across the entire security industry,” said Ray Brancato, Chief Executive Officer at Tufin. “We invite all IT executives, managers, security practitioners, customers, or partners interested in the state of enterprise cybersecurity — and how to best manage the evolving, expanding corporate networks of today — to attend this year’s conference.”

Ruth Gomel, Vice President of Product for Tufin, goes on to say, “Whether you’re a Tufinnovate veteran or learning about security policy automation for the first time, this year’s event will help you navigate the intersection of cloud and network security with insights and actionable advice for 2024 and beyond.”

To register for the Tufinnovate event in your region, or to get more information about the conference agendas and speakers, please click here. For more information on what to expect from Tufinnovate, check out our recap of last year’s Tufinnovate World Tour events.

Further details on how Tufin can help your security team gain control over complex on-premise and cloud security environments today is available at

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Tufin provides a single platform for network and cloud security teams to simplify the management of security policies across today’s complex, multi-vendor hybrid networks. The platform gives some of the largest companies in the world the end-to-end visibility and automation tools necessary to swiftly provide new access, enable fast and secure application deployment, and ensure continuous compliance and audit readiness. Tufin’s proven solutions have helped more than 2,900 customers across industries including healthcare, financial services, utilities, telecommunications and retail to quickly identify and mitigate network risks. For more information, please visit

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